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The Audrey Riffaud Art Selection aims at sharing art and the realms of various artists. Over the past few years, we have had many opportunities to link up with artists and buyers. There is nothing more rewarding to us than helping an artist to evolve and finding the perfect art work for a buyer. It is this passion that spawned the Audrey Riffaud Art Selection.
The artists presented here all have different backgrounds, techniques and approaches, whilst exploring a common ground that is steeped in sensitivity. Their paintings, drawings and sculptures are both broad in scope and profound. Each artist is inspired by a love of sharing, exchanging and discovering new cultures, all of which transpires in their absorbing colours and lines.
You may choose among the art pieces on our website or contact us should you have a specific request; we would be happy to suggest one or several art pieces. We may also be able to have a tailor-made piece created should you so require. Please get in touch for further information.
Audrey Riffaud – Background
2015 – 2017 :
HR and Administrative Manager – JUMP
2013 – 2015 :
Office Manager and HR Generalist – Vermeg France
2007 – 2013 :
HR Coordinator – Allen and Overy Luxembourg and France
2005 – 2006 :
Master’s degree in International Commerce – La Sorbonne
Master’s degree in Management – Royal University of Law and Economic Sciences
Phnom Penh – Cambodia
2004 – 2005 :
Master’s degree in Foreign Languages – La Sorbonne

Audrey Riffaud

I have always loved travels, art and cultures. I studied foreign languages and lived in Germany, Cambodia and Luxembourg which gave me the opportunity to meet people in art and to strengthen artictic relationships over the years. What’s more, I have been surrounded by books since my childhood. I have been influenced by Science Fiction which is to me one of the most colourful style. Lover of nature, my first paintings theme is fauna and flora in surnatural or misshapen worlds. Theme such as return to the roots either related to chilhood or much further in our History is central in my paintings that’s why they are sometimes childish or rupestrian. A Journey that hopefully calls to mind the viewer.