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Selection of painters, sculptors and photographers

François Loup

François Loup, French painter and sculptor. His main inspiration is nature and women. He works with different techniques such as acrylic, ink, smoke, or reconstituted stone.

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Loup Pélissier

Loup Pélissier, French painter coming from Street Art. Encounters and travels stimulate his creativity relected in his work mainly realised with spray paint and energic lines.

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Matthew Tito Cuenca

Matthew Tito Cuenca, American painter born into a multiracial household – Spanish, Yugoslavian, Filipino and Dutch. His work combine novelty and tradition in his creation process « Directional Nostalgia ».

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FLF is a French watercolourist. His favourite subject is nature, the seasons of which inspire him. He also applies his work to exploring urban landscapes and famous monuments. FLF draws from his travels to create sensitively rendered landscapes.

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Charlotte Quentin

Charlotte is a French pastel artist with roots in Luxembourg. Her work is true to her personality, both communicative and colourful. Charlotte brings to light with intense colours the relationships that interconnect each element of her surroundings.

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Aldo Soares

A French and Portuguese photographer, Aldo unveils his Gelatinium projects on the transformation of negatives over time. The commissions he takes on are available in large-format, allowing to fully savour each and every detail of the changes undergone.

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Caroline Gazel

Caroline Gazel is a plastic artist hailing from Paris. She uses a wide range of media that spans painting and letters, as well as video and revisiting slogans.

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Caroline Faindt

Painting allows Caroline to express herself freely, to open doors and unveil her inner world. Within each of Caroline’s works lies a key, a symbol of her artistic discovery.

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